Exceptional De Sede DS600 ‘Snake’ Non-Stop Sectional Leather Sofa Set with matching Benches and Coffee Tables, 1970’s #S1641

Exceptional and very rare ds600 ‘Snake’ sectional sofa set with matching 3 piece benches, 1 round and 3 squared coffee tables with mirror glass. The benches are extremely rare and we offer 2 with this set.
The seating and base of the sofa are upholstered in the highest quality leather and not used very much and therefore it still remains in an excellent like new condition. The coffee tables and benches are also upholstered in the same leather.
The sections in the sofa are attached together with very heavy zippers and a metal hinge which allows the sofa to be bent and curved as wanted.
If you are looking for an exceptional and rare set this is it!

Product info

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Designer:s: Ueli Berger, Elenora Peduzzi-Riva, Heinz Ulrich and Klaus Vogt

Manufacturer:: De Sede
Country:: Switserland
Model: DS600 Non-Stop sofa
Design Design period: 1970’s
Date of manufacturing: 1970’s

Size WDH in cm: 400x105x74 seat height 40
Material: Creme white Leather / Brown mirror glass

Condition: Excellent / One small repair to the side of the left armrest. Also the filling of the cushions is in excellent condition and still firm (hard to find in a better overall condition).

Price: On request

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